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Removing the Pillar



First published 2013
Copyright   ©   Margaretha Tierney 2013
Printed in Australia
All rights reserved

 All Scripture from King James Bible


This book has been written for Seventh-day Adventists, to show the line of history that brought the Trinity doctrine into the church.   No animosity is meant for anyone who took part in the past or who believes the doctrine today.

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The Fatherhood of God is given to us in the gift of Jesus Christ; and as God was one with His only begotten Son, so He would have His earthly children one with Him.”   Review and Herald Sep 30 1909   

Artwork:   Michael Vincent-Rori

The art was done many years prior to the book, however, it fitted the subject of the book.   Two  pillars have already been removed,  however, it is the removal of the central pillar that will collapse the structure in the end.